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Who We are

Hornsby Brand Design LLC exists to create strong and profitable relationships between good companies and their consumers. Our key strength is brand building. We find the cultural truths about—or intersection between—products, consumers, and businesses. With our award-winning creativity, technical know-how, "can-do spirit," and full-service customer satisfaction in print, online, and broadcast, we drive real-world, bottom-line returns.

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Creating Sticky Brands


Six 2017 Regional Addiesy Awards

Three 2015 Regional Addiesy Awards

Five 2014 Regional Addiesy Awards

2013 American Advertising Federation's
Hall of Fame Induction Award

Four 2013 Regional Addiesy Awards

2012 APTA Gold AdWheel Award

Two 2012 Regional Addiesy Awards

Two 2011 APTA Gold AdWheels Awards

Two 2011 District Addiesy Awards

Four 2011 Regional Addiesy Awards

2010 Best Cartographic Award

2010 District Addy Award

Five 2010 Regional Addiesy Awards

2009 APTA Grand AdWheel Award

2009 APTA Gold AdWheel Award

2009 District Addy Award

Seven 2009 Regional Addiesy Awards

2008 District Addy Award

Nine 2008 Regional Addiesy Awards

Seven 2007 Regional Addiesy Awards

2007 International Faith-BasedDesign Annual

The Addy's 2006 Special Judges' AddyAward

Three 2006 Regional Addiesy Awards

Five 2003 Regional Addiesy Awards

2003 District Addy Award

PR Society's 2002 Regional Event Award

2002 PRINT Magazine's Design Annual

Eight 2002 Regional Addiesy Awards

Seven 2001 Regional Addiesy Awards

Two 2001 District Addiesy Awards

2001 National Addy Award

2001 Summit Award for Creative Excellence

2001 PRINT Magazine's Design Annual

2001 HOW Magazine's Design Annual

Four 2000 Regional Addiesy Awards

Four 1999 Regional Addiesy Awards

Three 1998 Regional Addiesy Awards

Three 1997 Regional Addiesy Awards

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Award winning projects include: Advertising & branding campaigns, logo & identity packages, cinematography, website design & development, radio & television advertising, graphic design, musical jingles, special public relations events, mixed media campaigns, illustration, photography, environmental graphics, interactive media, exhibitions, packaging, & video.

A focused brand knows what it is, why it's different, and why people should care.




Brand Development & Strategy • Digital Advertising & Marketing • Website Design & Development • Corporate Identity • Graphic Design • Radio • Motion-TV • Photography • SEO / SEM / CRM • Media Purchasing • Public and Media Relations • Research, Testing, & Analysis

Brand Strategy & Planning

We have an arsenal of creative and strategic solutions that are specifically geared toward jumping over the competition. We'll help you get laser-focused and position your master plan towards specific strategic brand objectives.

Brand Collateral

The physical appearance of your presentation literature conveys your level of expertise. Perhaps most importantly, it sends this critical message: "We have our act together."

Brand Identity

It's great design, not strategy that ignites passion in people. And the magic behind better design and better business is innovation.

Brand Web Development

Websites are most often the first face of a brand to the world. So it's critical to get it right the first time.

Brand Campaigns

United in purpose and theme, but diverse in delivery and venues gets the job done more effectively.

Brand Motion

Great multimedia attracts prospects like bees to honey. It's the building block of a totally immersed campaign.

Brand Public Relations

Getting your brand message out to the right people at the right time builds powerhouse results.

It's design, not strategy that ignites passion in people.


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  • Entertainment

  • Government

  • Healthcare

  • Hospitality

  • Manufacturing
    / Retail

  • Non-Profit

  • Professional



Education / Technology

Fibrox, Northrup-Grunman, Remotec-Andros, New Horizons Computer Learning Centers, Webb School of Knoxville/Camp Webb, Tennessee State PTA, AZ State PTA


Regal Entertainment Group, Regal Cinemas, Giant Records, BBN, Scripps Networks


City of Knoxville; Knoxville Area Transit; Smart Trips; Memphis Urban Area MPO; Chattanooga Area Regional Transit Authority; Anderson County Government, TN; ET Competes and ET Index (Knox County MPC); Riverside Transit Agency, CA; Cobb Community Transit, GA; Gwinnett County Transit, GA; Transdev Corporation; State Roads & Tollway Authority (SRTA), GA


Arkis Biosciences, Team Staffing (nursing employment), Best Nursing Service, UT Medical Center, ET Vein Clinic


DeKalb County Convention & Visitor's Bureau (GA), Lake Lanier Islands, GA, Riverside Tavern, Parkside Tavern, Lakeside Tavern, Westside Tavern, Bullfish Grill, Subway, Del Moro's, Cotton-Eyed Joe's, and Ruby Tuesday, Anderson County Tourism (TN), Hotel News Now

Manufacturing / Retail / Transportation

Landair, Numarine International, Radian GPS, Finish Point, SaferLife Plus; English Mountain Spring Water; Zoomerz Convenience Stores, Jewelry Television, Crescent, Inc. (socks), Peavey Electronics, Phillips-Magnavox, Brunswick Boat Group, Master Craft Boats, Boston Whaler, Corrugated Roll Corporation, TechCoat Inc., AO1 (Audience of One)


Cornerstone Church of Knoxville-TN, Crossroads Church of Newnan-GA., Impact Ministries-Newnan-GA, Living Faith Church-Franklin-WV, Mercy Hill Church-Highland, ID, Sovereign Grace Church of Atlanta-GA, Sovereign Grace Church of Maryland-Joppa, MD, Volunteers for Christ-Knoxville-TN, American Cancer Society, Epileptic Foundation of East Tennessee, Child & Family Tennessee, Homes of Love


Asset Planning Corporation; Providence Advisors LLC; Burkhart & Company, P.C.; Egerton, McAfee, Armistead & Davis, P.C.; Gentry, Tipton, Kizer, & McLemore, P.C.; William Andrews Architects; Southern Walker Landscape Design; Sequoyah Realty

bridget hornsby chris hornsby
bridget hornsby chris hornsby
bridget hornsby

Bridget Hornsby


Bridget studied at the prestigious Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Georgia in Athens, GA, graduating as an advertising major. After a short stint as the business manager for a wholesale printing company in Atlanta, GA, she began her journalistic career as a corporate editor of two magazines for international, musical instruments manufacturer, Peavey Electronics Corporation in Meridian, MS.

In 2003 she founded Hornsby Brand Design. Two decades into her career, her award-winning work has served clientele of all sizes, in multiple industries, and in a variety of print and digital applications. In addition to her well-honed writing skills, she is also an expert in digital web development and implementation. She has created, overseen, and managed some of the most technically sophisticated projects on the web today.

As a member of the Knoxville Advertising Federation and as a successful business woman and owner, Bridget received the 2008 Mayoral Appreciation Award for her work with the City of Knoxville's Small Business Office. She credits her success to her team and her passion for delivering exceptional products and services that exceed client expectations.

chris hornsby

Chris Hornsby


Chris studied the art of graphic design at the University of Georgia, in Athens, GA. He has worked with a host of ad agencies and design studios in Atlanta, GA and in Knoxville, TN along with cutting his chops within in-house agencies such as Peavey Electronics and Philips Electronics, before finally joining Hornsby Brand Design in 2003.

Chris' branding expertise helps lead clients into new frontiers. This advertising Hall of Fame inductee answers each challenge with creative solutions that not only achieve results, but break the ground of conventionalism. He's garnered more than a 130 local and international awards for his creative/strategic solutions, along with being published in several prestigious design annuals. Chris has cultivated his many years of design and brand leadership experience through producing superior creative work: from corporate ID, TV, radio and digital advertising campaigns, and strategic marketing to website development, and fine art exhibitions. Whether it's a service or product driven business, Chris specializes in building sticky brands.

Even in the best of times Focus is a hard mistress. She demands courage, fidelity and determination.