Island Packet Yachts
20 Apr 2020

Island Packet Yachts (IPY), headquartered in Largo, FL, with more than 40 years of continuous development and design expertise commissioned Hornsby Brand Design to build a comprehensive website brand and update the existing IPY logo. 

Anderson County Tourism Council
20 Apr 2020

Anderson County Tourism Council chose Hornsby Brand Design to develop an aggressive and comprehensive branding initiative along with a full-scale, strategic marketing plan. 

Brunswick Boat Group
20 Apr 2020

The Brunswick Boat Group (BBG), headquartered in Knoxville, TN, is the largest maker of recreational boats in the world. BBG manages the Brunswick Corporation’s extensive 45-boat brands. Hornsby Brand Design was commissioned to focus on three of their brands by creating content copywriting for their websites.

Asset Planning Corporation
20 Apr 2020

When APC commissioned Hornsby Brand Design, they were in desperate need of a complete brand overhaul. We implemented a complete and comprehensive spectrum of branding services that included a new corporate identity, a design audit, client and customer surveys, marketing plan, photography, collateral, print and e-newsletters, website development and management, advertising, direct mail, specialty cards, marketing, PR, copywriting, indoor and outdoor signage, and special events creation and coordination.

Memphis Urban Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (MMPO)
20 Apr 2020

When the Memphis Urban Area MPO contacted Hornsby Brand Design they were in desperate need of a complete rebranding program. We have laid the foundation for the new brand by creating all touch points with a modern and inclusive feel. We specifically created the new logo and tagline, provided a complete website solution, produced four, 3-minute videos that included six area mayors, a responsive website, brochure collateral, and a PR campaign for a $1.3 million regional survey initiative.